3CX stands as a robust unified communication solution encompassing VoIP, Video, and Messaging capabilities. It offers affordability and scalability tailored to your business needs. Widely adopted across the globe, 3CX serves as a go-to choice for organizations seeking effective communication solutions.

Enterprises worldwide are transitioning from outdated digital phone exchanges to modern internet-based platforms such as the 3CX Phone System.

3CX serves as a software-based VoIP phone system for small business, deployable either on-premise or in the cloud. Leveraging SIP trunks, it facilitates the transmission of Voice, Video, Data, and Messaging over internet connections. Embracing open-standards, it empowers users with the flexibility to make choices, ranging from numbers to hosting solutions, according to their preferences.

With over 500,000 installations, 3CX is rapidly emerging as a leading unified telecommunications platform globally. It offers scalability, affordability, and ease of operation, encompassing voice, video, messaging, and chat functionalities. This comprehensive approach provides organizations of any size with a unified communications solution that meets their diverse needs.

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Unlike traditional phone systems for small business that often entail monthly maintenance contracts and occasional hefty repair bills, 3CX eliminates such expenses altogether. Being a software-based phone system for business deployed in the cloud, it alleviates the need for maintenance contracts and associated costs.

The pricing model of 3CX telephone system also translates to savings in other areas. It doesn't entail per extension licensing fees. Unlike traditional systems, charges are determined by simultaneous calls, meaning that adding extra users won't result in increased costs for your organization.

Upon installation, the intuitive 3CX Management Console empowers you to oversee the entire system. This interface provides comprehensive control over all functions, allowing you to deploy IP phone firmware, automate software updates, and create lists of contacts, extensions, and DDIs effortlessly. cape town johannesburg, Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape