Their current PABX System lineup remains consistent, providing telephone systems for small businesses in south africa. The NEC PBX system solutions are hybrid, integrating both cutting-edge IP technology and traditional systems. This versatility accommodates customers seeking cost-effective VoIP phone calls, IP networking between sites, and support for remote users.

This offers the best of both worlds, providing a platform that users can seamlessly transition to IP when they choose. Additionally, as a hybrid solution, the NEC SV8000 phone system offers a diverse selection of expertly crafted digital, IP, and wireless handsets. Handset quality has always been a standout feature of NEC solutions, and the new range not only maintains but enhances upon the excellence of the previous series.

NEC SL1100 IP Pbx For Small Business,NEC SV8100SE IP Pbx For Small/Med Business, NEC SV8100 IP Pbx For Med Business, NEC SV8300 IP Pbx, NEC SV8500 IP Pbx For Large Business For Med/Large Business,

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NEC PABX switchboard system quotes is a flexible solution

PABX Quotes, whatever your size, or requirements, the current SV8000 pbx series has a solution to fit not only your requirements but also your budget. Speak to one of our expert consultants today to discuss a telecommunications solution for your company.

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