Siemens - In today’s business world, changes are inevitable. Of course, you could just sit back and watch it all happen…or you could consider this changing environment to be a major opportunity. By integrating new information and communication capabilities you get the chance to redefine your organisational structures and processes, enabling you to unleash the potential of your PABX Systems south africa.

Would you like to find a communication solution that handles telephone and internet conveniently but doesn't tie you down with technical detail? Should it be future-proof and capable of internet telephony? Then HiPath BizIP is the perfect low-cost solution for up to 16 users. It is an innovative communications system combining professional telephony features with everything necessary for modern internet communication.

The Siemens PABX Hipath 3550 Switchboard quotes has reached its end, with HiPath, DX/Realitis support ending in April 2017. It has since been succeeded by the Unify Openscape X5. If you currently utilize HiPath DX/Realitis or HiPath 3000, this transition affects you, and it's crucial to understand its implications for you and your business. Given the importance of your communication system to your organization, any disruption to its availability poses a significant business risk. Therefore, Unify is extending substantial discounts on various migration options to facilitate a smooth transition.

The SIEMENS HiPath 4000 Real Time IP System caters to medium to very large enterprises, offering an innovative solution that blends the benefits of IP-based communication with the service offerings of traditional telephone line systems.

Designed for small office businesses requiring fundamental PABX/PBX telephone system functionalities like call reception at the switchboard and call transfers between extensions, our Siemens PABX/PBX telephone system offers an ideal solution.

Discover the exceptional benefits of our PABX telephone system tailored for small office businesses. Explore further product details below or click here to conveniently place an order for the cost-effective Small Office Business Siemens Gigaset PABX telephone system

For those interested in obtaining a small office PABX/PBX telephone system through a monthly rental option, please click here to request a quote for our monthly rental small office small business PABX/PBX telephone system.